Saturday, August 12, 2006

As much as has been going on lately, I just haven't been motivated to write about it, here or elsewhere. I think its safe to say that big green academia will be on hiatus.

girlfriend is good. house is good. research is going. My parents just moved for the first time since before I was born. We're having a bbq next week. I still need to do a lot to prep for it, but it should be ok.

I guess thats really the thing. I could write more right now, but I'm gonna go back to bed, where my girlfriend is.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I did my job last week. After hours of head-to-the-grindstone work, I had some ideas on the prof on the research problem we're working on.

The best-formed idea was another way to phrase the problem that the advisor hadn't seen. Unfortunately, this shows how far we have to go to solve the general problem, and in all likelihood, we won't be working on this one much longer -- it looks like its not going to go anywhere soon.

Its raining hard in the Upper Valley. I still love listening to the rain fall. Every day starts anew.

I haven't written in my journal in forever, and I haven't posted here much either. It's strange that the desire to write and the things worth writing about often don't coincide. One of the big things writing-wise, I guess, is that my free-time is so limited.

I don't mean that work is super huge. Tomorrow will mark the fifth day in a row I've worked out in some way. Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday are hockey. Today I played squash for an hour with Danny. (He discovered eight moons. seriously.) Monday I biked to and from school. Aside from work and working out, I split my time between my house and my girlfriend.

So yeah, things are going pretty well, all in all. If I had an underling that could write well, maybe this would all be written down.

I vote for the phloggable brody. good job.

Monday, June 26, 2006

research summer

This summer marks my transition from class-taking student to research-conducting scholar. I didn't anticipate an easy transition, and so far, I've been correct. The advisor is cracking the whip, and despite my efforts, I'm not pulling the expected weight right now. Its frustrating -- the paper I'm digesting is a tough read. The answers aren't really jumping out.

Wednesday is another pseudo-deadline. I fell asleep reading the paper this afternoon -- I just couldn't slog it through. Tonight, I'll read another house or so, and tomorrow I start through again.

read wash rinse repeat.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Blogging hasn't been a very high priority lately.
I returned from vacation. Anne's mom bought oceanfront property in Nova Scotia. Ridiculously gorgeous.

The house is going. I put up the bed today. The neighbors are giving me looks because the lawn hasn't been mowed in a month, but I can't get the lawn mower from Home Depot because it won't fit in the ar, and I don't have insurance to rent a truck. HD will deliver said mower, but it costs an extra sixty bucks. Hopefully tomorrow, Sean will come with his truck.

Research. This is the big transition.

Monday, May 29, 2006

The house closes in two days!
I've got plenty of finals to work on and packing to do, so instead of a real post, I give you:

RIP Paul Gleason.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Black Friday

Last Tuesday, the CS department held the annual Black Friday. Its where all the professors get together and talk about each PhD student one by one. Often, the result is a stern warning to students to shape up and get cracking on their theses. Potentially, the department can kick students out of the program after a Black Friday session. (yes, this year, Black Friday was on a Tuesday. The name's stuck, and anyway, Black Tuesday just doesn't sound as ominous.)

During our weekly meeting, my advisor and I discussed results, and it was about what I expected. I won't go too much into detail since this can be bloggable, but things are mostly good. I need to concentrate on research, but we knew that. He also suggested I take the RPE (read: qualifying exam) this coming fall. Students typically take it sometime in their third year, so I'd be a year early. There's no reason not to get it out of the way though, as long as I can pass it. So maybe.

Haviland score: still 3!

A&E were up, and we had a grand old time. Their Sunday drive took 18 hours. yikes! I had a round of beers waiting for them, just in case they wanted to wind down. They came with a cooler of Yuengling. Great minds think alike.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Count my Haviland score back up to three, I think. I was a little reluctant to say so after last time's record nine day stay, but things seem really pretty good up here in Hanover. Yes, star, you were right.

Mala and I went furniture shopping yesterday. I grossly, grossly, underestimated how much even used furniture costs in New England. Yikes! it is expensive. Add that onto the other costs for a 4br house. I'm going to pretend its just part of the offering price and go from there.

I hope Mala is ok with the normal matress instead of the tempurpedic one she fell in love with. I just want this house to be perfect, and I want to do it up right. Its the first house, after all.

You all should come up and see it in July, after we've had a month to make it look good.

A&E arrive from Bloomington sometime tonight. Current ETA is midnight, which gives me plenty of time to do work. As long as I stop procrastinating.