Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Its a little after 1AM, and I'm getting ready to leave Sudikoff for home.

Revelator is on. As much as I hear it, "I dream a Highway" makes me pensive every time.

Sometimes, grad school is two steps forward, one step back. Today is one of those days, but I know its forward more than backward.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

This post is more for me and my nyc friends. There are two things. One is that my Haviland score is now 3. Three! For the first time in like forever.

The second is the blizzard. All week long I've been waiting for this big storm that's a-coming, and here in wintery Hanover, we got < 2 inches. After such a buildup of how bad New Hampshire winters are, I feel almost ripped off that we missed all the snow.

I know in a few days, the snow in Manhattan will turn grey and slushy and yucky. But enjoy it while you can, and think of how beautiful it is now, and this morning when it was falling. Despite all the grime, I miss snowfalls in New York. and I miss all of you.

I went to Rosie's to grade homework and sip coffee. As I sat, snow lazily fell, dusting the cobblestones outside. Boston and New York got hit pretty hard, but for Hanover, we got painted with a soft flurry.

If I had just a little bit less to do, I would spend every Sunday there. It was really just a perfect Sunday.

Tonight the hockey team plays its first playoff game. I expect us to lose, but want to win. I'm going to get there early to make sure my skates are laced on correctly and tightly, and that I'm ready to go, mentally and physically.

Have a good day. I am.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

My last post seems to be missing, and it was a seriously good post.
I had a my first Real Problem in grad school and asked for advice.

Today I'm not posting with a problem, just posting. I feel generally craptacular today, but not too crappy to not be at school doing work. I don't think its anything but exhaustion from working at school all the time. Grad School can kick your ass sometimes.

So instead of making big plans for going out this weekend, my Big Plans are to stay in and do almost nothing. Sure, my Fulbright application isn't writing itself, and next week's homework came out already. I'm not sure where that last sentence was going. Who am I kidding? I'll do work every day this weekend. Lets call Friday a half day and shoot for <= 8 hours of doing stuff on Saturday. Put those together, and it means two good nights of sleep PLUS doing laundry and cooking and other stuff normal people get to do.

I should be able to manage all this, plus hockey, plus somewhat of a social life. Time-wise though, there's not much room for error.

Oh! I almost forgot! This coming break (last 2 weeks in march) I'm organizing a biathalon! We start March 18th at noon with the Shamrock Shuffle in Lebanon, which will be my first 5k race ever. Everyone has to start somewhere. But Scout and I and others are going to kick it up a notch -- immediately after, were going back to Hanover for the Hanover Pub Crawl. There's 13 places to get served in Hanover. If you start at noon, thats one drink per hour. Of course, the Shamrock Biathalon will make it harder, but thats what challenges are about. right?