Monday, April 17, 2006

2 news flashes

(1) I went through the house inspection today. There were minor things that need fixing, but structurally the house is in good condition. In general, the owner has kept things pretty ship-shape. That happens when your grandfather built the house and you've lived in it your whole life.

I need to see the final report, but things seem ok. The things that need fixing are, like I said, minor, and every house has them, or so I've been told. Its a little scary to hear how expensive the minor things are, but it is a house. Nothing is going to cost twenty bucks to fix.

(2) My advisor emailed today and told me I have funding for the summer. woo hoo! This means a gravy train of funded research. In computer science, it seems, the only difference between getting research grants and teaching grants is that with the teaching grant, you have to teach. Either way, you still need to do research. So this summer, I'll be doing only research, which is what I really want to do right now. chalk one up for the home team!


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