Thursday, May 18, 2006

Black Friday

Last Tuesday, the CS department held the annual Black Friday. Its where all the professors get together and talk about each PhD student one by one. Often, the result is a stern warning to students to shape up and get cracking on their theses. Potentially, the department can kick students out of the program after a Black Friday session. (yes, this year, Black Friday was on a Tuesday. The name's stuck, and anyway, Black Tuesday just doesn't sound as ominous.)

During our weekly meeting, my advisor and I discussed results, and it was about what I expected. I won't go too much into detail since this can be bloggable, but things are mostly good. I need to concentrate on research, but we knew that. He also suggested I take the RPE (read: qualifying exam) this coming fall. Students typically take it sometime in their third year, so I'd be a year early. There's no reason not to get it out of the way though, as long as I can pass it. So maybe.

Haviland score: still 3!

A&E were up, and we had a grand old time. Their Sunday drive took 18 hours. yikes! I had a round of beers waiting for them, just in case they wanted to wind down. They came with a cooler of Yuengling. Great minds think alike.


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